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Oct 15
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sergios-restaurantIf you’re in Miami, looking for Cuban food without all the guilt, Sergio’s should be your next stop. They’re taking the concept of classic Cuban cuisine and are giving it a modern twist with a more health conscious approach and wider appeal.

The location on 137th AVE and 120th ST, near the Tamiami Airport, is their newest one and it did not disappoint. They have an outside seating area with about four tables where you can enjoy your meal and still expect good, speedy service from the wait staff.

The entrance instantly surrounds you with traditional Cuban décor. Everywhere, from the floor to the ceiling it’s littered with Cuban seals, documents and all sorts of trinkets and gizmos – very interesting.

The kitchen is visible from the dining area, which is nice as you can see all the food being prepared to order.

I tasted a couple of items from their breakfast menu; some more typical Cuban dishes and some of the healthier choices. First, and I believe most importantly, was the ham croqueta.

sergios-croquettasTheir version had a thin cracker meal crust with a very good, even golden brown color and great texture. The filling of ground ham still had chunks of ham running though it that really added to the texture, but I felt the mixture was a little pasty – they may have overdone it with the flour when creating the forcemeat.

The flavors however, were fantastic; good quality ham, good seasoning, a touch of nutmeg (may have been made with a béchamel, not sure), some herbal notes of parsley – a lot going on.

The cheese croqueta had a good cheese flavor and a nice creamy texture. Their chicken croquetas are filled with very finely minced chicken and aromatics. The chicken is very lightly seasoned, which lets the chicken flavor come to the forefront. I was pleased with the chicken croqueta, and that’s one of those things I tend to stay away from because too many places make them poorly.

sergios-empanadasSergio’s empanadas can be put up against any other empanada in Miami and will give them a run for their money. The crust is thick and crunchy around the edge and thin, soft and supportive of the filling towards the middle. They are all oven baked, going with the health conscious theme, and have a huge variety of fillings.

The ham and cheese empanada, an empanada I’d more often than not rather go hungry than consume, was actually pretty good. The ham was finely diced, but still recognizable and the cheese was what can be easily called the best cheese in the world – processed cheese.

I was really impressed with their spinach empanada  because the spinach was cooked extraordinarily well. It wasn’t the mush that I’m used to, the spinach had bite to it and the spinach flavor came through beautifully.

The “ropa vieja” (a dish made with shredded beef and aromatics in a sweet and savory tomato based sauce) empanada is tasty. The sauce has a good balance of flavor and there are large pieces of bell pepper and onion throughout.

They have one called “empanada Española” which comes in more of a puff pastry type crust. It’s filled with ground beef, Spanish chorizo, green olives and chopped hardboiled eggs. The filling is nicely seasoned, rich, slightly sweet, salty, briny – delicious.

sergios-whole-wheat-empanadaOne of their newest healthy items is the whole wheat empanadas. The crust has a sweetness to it and the texture is bready, not as crisp as one would hope. I tried the ground meat whole wheat empanada and it was good, but not as good as their other ones; not even close.

sergios-eggs-and-hamGoing a more traditional sort of home-cooking rout, they brought out the fried eggs and ham. The ham is of superior quality; they buy the whole smoked ham leg and hand cut it on premise.

The ham is cut into large uneven pieces and sautéed to order. It’s moist, chewy and salty with a nice flavor from the smoking process. That ham is a great companion for two perfectly cooked over medium eggs. Runny, rich yolk and a creamy white with slight coloration around the edges giving it a subtle crunch; it should be illegal.

The Cuban bread that was served on the side, however, was very forgettable. Not that the quality was bad or anything, but it seems like it wasn’t paid the necessary attention. That bread was in desperate need of some butter and a sandwich press.

Going the healthy rout, the next dish I tried was an omelet called “torilla South Beach.” It’s an egg white omelet with spinach, parsley, onion, diced tomatoes, green bell peppers and diced turkey cooked right into it. It’s very light, fresh and filling. It comes with three tomato slices on the side, making for a nice low fat, low carb breakfast.

The wait staff was very attentive and the service was exceptional and quick. Definitely a great place to go if you’re looking for a good Cuban breakfast that isn’t going to leave you feeling like you need a gym membership to be able to enjoy regularly.

I highly recommend it.



9330 SW 40th Street

Miami, FL 33165

(305) 552-9626


13550 SW 120th St

Miami, FL 33186

(305) 278-2024


9300 NW 77th Ave

Hialeah Gardens, FL 33016

(305) 362-1234


3258 SW 22th Street

Miami, Florida 33133

(305) 529-0047


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