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Jan 11

El Palacio de Los Jugos

El Palacio de Los Jugos is one of those places that if you’re looking for Cuban food in Miami, you must visit. I went to the one on the corner of Flagler St. and 57th Ave.  The dining area is outdoors and hectic. It’s always packed, loud and comforting. You get a sense of ease […]

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Dec 7

Sergio’s Restaurant – The Lunch & Dinner Menu

One of the dishes that they said we had to try was their chimi-chicken. A butterflied chicken breast cooked with a chimichurri sauce. The sauce actually works with the chicken as opposed to masking it as expected. The sauce is very mild and is more about nuances than taking a dominant role. The chicken is beautifully marked from the grill and is flavored heavily by the flames. It is served with “Moros” and “Maduros” on the side. The ripe plantains are perfect; sweet, tender and super dense. The “Moro”, rice and beans cooked together, was also very good; nice and fluffy.

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Nov 1

El Mago de la Frita

When you’re hungry for a Cuban frita in Miami, there are a fair amount of choices for places to go. El Mago de las Fritas sets themselves apart from all the rest with their food and their atmosphere. El Mago, Ortelio Cardenas, has been working the flat top himself, six days a week for over 26 years.

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Oct 15

Sergio’s Restaurant – The Breakfast Menu

If you’re in Miami, looking for Cuban food without all the guilt, Sergio’s should be your next stop. They’re taking the concept of classic Cuban cuisine and are giving it a modern twist with a more health conscious approach and wider appeal. The location on 137th AVE and 120th ST, near the Tamiami Airport, is […]

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Oct 8

Enriqueta’s Cafe

Enriqueta’s is a small Cuban restaurant located in Miami’s midtown. Established in 1965, it has been under its current owner, Jose Luis Pla, since 2000. Jose Luis is the creator of all the dishes on the menu and they all draw their inspiration from the cooking styles of Matanza, Cuba.

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